Ulle and Evar

Ülle and Evar play foremost role in promoting Seto culture through various cultural activities in Obinitsa and beyond. Ülle is a playwright and a poet who organizes satirical plays and publishes her work.

As a playwright, it is important for Ülle to remind the history through her plays to recall the atrocities committed by the Soviet regime. For example, many Setos were sent to Siberia during the mass deportation that took place during the Soviet times, and it is important to let the new generation know about this painful past. Ülle believes, satirical plays allow us to look at the evil past through parody than totally ignoring it. She uses historical events, collected oral stories and her imagination to recreate the past through her plays. The folklore traditions are passed down generations; though the Setos follow Orthodox Christianity, they believe their folklore traditions. As Ülle, puts it, “they don’t always read the Bible but remember what grand mother did… they had to know when to make a pie or when to fast, but often it was not always clear why Jesus Christ died”

Evar is orginially from Obinitsa. He is a silversmith; he also paints and writes music. He also works as a handicraft teacher at the school in Meremae. He regularly performs during events that take place in the community. When visitors’ visiting their gallery Evar and Ulle often entertain the guests with impromptu musical performance. He has been the chief herald, Ulembsootska, for three times.