Mairita - Daugavpils Museum

The head of art department of Daugavpils museum Mairita observed there can be regional influence see in the folk art in the ways in which colours are chosen or the type of decorations used. The architecture in Daugavpils is different from the rest of the country. However, in contemporary art, she noted, there are not much of difference. Daugavpils museum is founded in the early 1920 and is one the oldest museums in Latgale. The museum has permanent exhibition of Latgale’s history, culture and religious traditions. The diversity of Latgale is showcased through various archeological artifacts, ethnographic items, public records, memorabilia and photographs.

Mairita is an artist herself. Originally from Kraslava, she studied art in Rezekene and then continued studies in Riga. Mairita works with ceramics and exhibits her work at the local ceramics art center.