Ljudmila Larina


Ljudmila Larina came to Narva from Samara (Russia) 55 years ago with her husband who worked at Baltiec factory that employed people from other parts of the USSR. She worked as a sports teacher in the local gymnasium (high school). Since she arrived in Narva she has lived in the same apartment raising her daughter and granddaughter. She is now 89 years old pensioner who regularly consumes Russian language TV programs received through satellite from Russia. From the information she gets from the television, Ljudmila is told that Putin is very closer to the nation and its people and he would protect the Russian speaking population no matter wherever they are. Because of her language limitations, she listens to TV programs air the narrative that Russia has powerful weapons and they can protect the Russian speakers. And she is not a supporter of Putin. During the recent war in Ukraine, Estonia banned Russian language TV channels broadcasting in the country to curtail the Russian propaganda.