Harri Sundell first visited Obinitsa in February, 2015 and five years later in 2020 he moved to Obinitsa to be a full time resident. Before that he lived in Tartu and spent a lot of his time photographing the Seto community. Harri is from Finland, trained as electrician he worked for the Finnish Railway. Then he worked in publishing industry. Currently he purses photography full time.

Harri has been photographing the Seto community intimately for over the past seven years. He is also an avid musician, regularly performs in plays along with Seto community members. Harri notes, the Seto community keep their tradition alive through art, music, cultural activities and their language. The Seto culture is preserved and practiced actively by the members of the community on the Estonian side compared to those who live on the Russian side (Pechory District).